Decopatching for Halloween


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With Halloween fast approaching I thought I would share with you some of the pieces I created for a commission this time last year.

I love how effective the Patchliner is for adding the detail to the skulls as well as the spider’s web on the tree.  A couple of gems added for eyes to the cats make them look even more like they belong to a witch.

You can find these and other great Halloween shapes on our website so why not have a go and share pictures of your creations with us.

A Piece of Cake


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For a while now I’ve been wanting to make greetings cards using Decopatch paper, but like anything else it’s a question of finding the time.  Recently I had a day where I woke up quite literally at the crack of dawn and couldn’t get back to sleep, so took advantage and started making some cards.

All of these cards were made using a single sheet of Decopatch paper number 561; I cut out the cupcakes and Decopatched them onto A6 cards before adding embellishing with bows, adhesive rhinestones and pearl gems as well as heat embossed glitter.  All of the cards are blank inside so could be used for any occasion (birthday, congratulations, thank you, etc.) or I can personalise them with a greeting, name or number.

I’ve got further ideas for some wedding themed cards, but they will have to wait until another day.

I plan to add these and some of my other Decopatched creations onto the website soon.  If there is anything else you would like to see on there (be it Decopatch supplies or Decopatched items) please let me know.

I Did It My Way


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Be honest, I bet you’ve got the song stuck in your head now!!

When talking to people about Decopatching I often encounter comments such as ‘I tried it once, but I wasn’t very good’ or ‘when I do it I end up with lots of lumps and wrinkles’.  Many of these people have only ever had one attempt at Decopatching, using just one method, and will never have another go.

Many of you will be thinking ‘but there is only one way to Decopatch’ and in basic terms that’s true; you apply some glue, cover in paper and apply a top coat of glue.  I’m going to show you that there are in fact many subtle variations which can help you along the way.  Which choices you make is partly determined by the project you are working on and also in part to do with your own personal preferences.

Paper Choice

If you’re just starting out with Decopatch, your choice of paper could have a big impact on how good your finished project will look.  If you choose a big bold design then every little crease, lump, wrinkle, etc. will show up an awful lot more than if you’ve used a smaller or more random design.  I have found the most ‘forgiving’ papers in this respect are the crackle effect papers.

Crackle Decopatch Papers

Decopatch paper numbers, clockwise from top left: 445, 444, 477, 336, 469, 297

Paper Size

In general the size of the pieces of paper you use will be determined by the project you are working on.  If it is a small intricate item then you will use smaller pieces than if you are doing a large flat surface.  However it is worth noting that the larger the pieces you use the more likely you are to get bubbles.  Many of these will disappear as the glue dries (as with wallpaper) and if you are confident you have applied sufficient glue then my only advice is to be patient.  Also see my comments below with regards application.

Past Experience: There was a time when I was Decopatching a stool for my son, I chose to do the circular seat as 1 large piece, I cut it to size, applied a generous layer of glue and applied the paper with a top layer of glue.  I knew I’d have to be quick to ensure I got it all stuck down before the glue started to dry so I didn’t look at the bits I had done until I’d finished…. to my horror it looked to be full of bubbles, I could see the paper being torn the 1st time it was used, I didn’t know what to do.  I thought about carefully peeling it back to put more glue under, but didn’t want to risk tearing it in the process.  In the end I just left it alone, I took a break and came back about half an hour later to find it had dried totally smooth!

Paper Shape


This variable is largely down to personal preference.  I have always been quite methodical, I like maths including aspects of geometry such as tiling and finding patterns, for this reason I prefer to use roughly square pieces of paper on my projects, although they are of varying sizes.  I have a friend who has always been more artistic and creative, when she is patching she usually uses irregular (or random) shaped pieces of paper.  It is possible that 2 identical projects using these 2 different methods may end up with their differences.  For 1 the paper joins may be more visible with a regular ’tiled’ look as a result of using squares.  If you do chose to use regular squares then don’t be afraid to fill in any little gaps with pieces cut to size.

Cutting Method

There are 2 ways to ‘cut’ Decopatch paper, either it can be cut with scissors or it can be torn (using a paper knife or ruler if you want to achieve straight edges).  If you are Decopatching with children then it is safer to tear the paper, this also has its own benefit as the edges ‘feather’ and as a result blend better, making it more difficult to see the joins.  Using scissors on the other hand gives a very ‘hard’ edge which stands out much more, particularly if the design on the paper is quite curvy or rounded, however the geometric shapes created by these edges can enhance the finished look of your project.


When putting the paper on your project it is best to do so quite lightly at first and let the brush push it down when you apply the top layer of glue.  It is always best to do this from the middle of the piece of paper towards the edge, that way any air bubbles are likely to be pushed out from under the paper.  If you notice any wrinkles or creases in the paper at this point it is possible to carefully peel back the edge of the paper and brush out again from the stuck section of the paper towards the edge.

Think Outside the Box

Finally, use your imagination, be creative and think outside the box.  I have seen Decopatched flamingos with feathers where only the tip of each ‘feather’ was stuck to the model.  I also had a little girl who tore the paper into a bow shape and added a little scrunched up ball of paper in the middle for the knot.  Just because you haven’t seen it done doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go.

Further Hints & Tips

If you would like more help with any aspect of Decopatching we would be happy to welcome you at one of our workshop sessions, you can check out when and where we will be via our events page, or alternatively book your own event.


Everyone has their own preferences, so try all the ideas and find your way.  Be proud of your creations and ignore the little imperfections as others looking at them probably won’t see them anyway.

Happy Easter


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These eggs were actually Decopatched last year, but that’s the beauty of Decopatch, you can keep on bringing your items out for special occasions year after year.  The cherub egg is my personal favourite, however I think my son did a fantastic job on the camouflage egg considering he was only 5 when he did it.

There haven’t been any blogs for a while as things have been very busy away from Devonpatch.  However I hope to get my patching mojo back and start to share some of the things I’ve been doing over the past few months, as well as some projects I’m about to tackle.

I’m busy working on some changes to the website at the moment, following feedback from some of our customers and followers, which will hopefully make it easier to order kits.  In the meantime you may not be able to find some items on the website (kits in particular), however drop us a line as we still have most things in stock and can still send them out to you.

We do value and listen to all your comments and feedback and we love hearing from you, so why not drop us a line using this link.

If you would like to come and see us to have a go at Decopatching or stock up on supplies then we will be at the Abbotskerswell May Fayre on 5th May.

Papers of the Month


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It’s the start of a new month and also the start of a new idea here at Devonpatch. Every month we are going to feature 5 Decopatch Paper designs which will be reduced on our website.  Some months they may all relate to a particular event, for example hearts for Valentine’s Day, whilst other months they will be completely random.

We are going to start this all off this month with 5 designs perfect for Halloween projects, all at just 85p a sheet for the whole of October!  Head over to our website and take a look in the new Special Offers section to make the most of this offer.

If you have any ideas for a theme for a particular month then please let us know.  We can’t promise to use it the next time that month comes around as we have already planned some months, but we will add it to a list for the future.

We have already had a go at Decopatching some of our Halloween items, what do you think of this skull?

Halloween skull

Halloween skull

We are working on some more items and will share some pictures with you when they are finished, in the meantime happy Decopatching.

Special Requests


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We recently had our first commission to patch some of our wonderful items. The dolphins and giraffes are regular stock items, but the toadstools were ordered in specially, however they’ve proven so popular we are thinking about adding them to our stock.

Each of these items has been patched in the customer’s choice of Decopatch paper using Paperpatch glue.  Once dry details were added, acrylic paint spots to the toadstools, marker pen eyes and nostrils to the giraffes and rhinestone eyes to the dolphins.  Finally each item was varnished to give it a lovely glossy, hard wearing finish.

We are making some changes to the website to enable you to choose any of our stock items either on it’s own, as a Decopatch kit or Patched For You so if you would like to order a pre patched item it’s now a whole lot easier.

We love Decopatching and getting commissions means we can leave the paperwork until a later date and get creative, so if there’s anything you would like us to patch for you please get in touch or order one of our items through the website.

All Change


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There have been some changes happening here at Devonpatch so I thought I’d bring you all up to date.

Susie has decided that she no longer has the time to put into Devonpatch and has therefore decided to leave the business.  Please join me in wishing her well with all she hopes to do in the future.

So what does that mean for Devonpatch?

Firstly this blog is now being written by Decopatch Dani, hopefully I will be able to do posts more regularly and will include more photos so you can see what I’ve been up to!

Secondly there are going to be some changes to the website.  Currently we have a few items which are available as kits, but this is going to change for the better.  Virtually all of our blank objects will be available in 3 different options:

  • As an individual item on it’s own
  • As a kit complete with Paperpatch glue, Decopatch paper, a brush and instructions
  • Or Patched With Love by me!

There will also be lots more items added including more animals, our new buckets and also halloween items coming soon.

There will be no change to the way orders are processed or our workshops and parties.  We would love to see you at our weekly workshop at Play Cafe every Wednesday from 10am – 2pm term time and all day during the school holidays.  We are also happy to discuss new workshop venues and your party requirements so please get in touch with me at

If there are any other changes you would like to see or new items you think we should stock please let us know.

Happy Decopatching!

Jugs and Buckets…..But not in a rude way (Snigger)

Hello, I’m back!  Yes I know you never realised I was gone, but for a time I was lost in the abyss of crafting gloom…It’s a dark, dark place, believe me.

Riding high on the wave of euphoria after depositing our patched goodies in “The Bloody Chic of it” in Teignmouth, I waited in keen anticipation for the first (of many ) sales…..And waited…and waited…and then waited more……and then the crisis of crafting hit!

What was I thinking?  No one wanted to buy the beautiful things patched with love, I was a failure……..Doomed to roam all eternity in limbo with stringy knitting and wonky pottery, unloved, abandoned,…….. Oh, so full of woe was I !  I had lost my Mojo, and even my will to patch – Things were looking bleak.

But then…Could it be? A glimmer of hope, a miscommunication, things may not be so bad after all, indeed they could be quite promising!

Dani should be proud, all of Her little cute buckets sold (Happy Days!!!) And although small and to all reading this, insignificant, to me it was like the light at the end of the tunnel………My Jug, my brash bulbous milk jug, patched all over in bright orange slice decopatch paper had been bought, by a real person…Someone loved it as much as me!  And suddenly, just because of that one little thing it all became very much better again :0).

And now, as I finish patching a CD tower in comic paper, I feel re-connected with my craft of choice, with Devonpatch and also with the thought that the spark of creativity in me may well continue to burn, and stronger in the future…..On to the next project, FLAMINGOS (But that is another chapter).

Devonpatch also has a friend that has been hard at work setting up her own business making cushions, table runners and other lovely fabric creations – Check out Rose Red on Twitter -Good luck Jo XX

It’s just a quick blog this time, and as a footnote I would like to thank my friend and Co- founder Dani for bearing with me and my horrid lack of enthusiasm, (and effort) during the dark time.  As always she remains reliable and steadfast in both Her crafting and keeping the wheels of Devonpatch turning and I appreciate all that she does. Cheers Mate

We interrupt this broadcast……………………….


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Having told you the “Devonpatch” story so far I am going to digress in this Blog more than a little, please bear with me, it’s emotional and I’m sharing LOL. I feel compelled to tell you about Saturday 22nd June, an occasion so surprising to myself I am not yet sure it actually happened or if I imagined the entire episode (note to myself confirm with Dani she was there, or if I am going nuts).

As you see from my previous Blogs I went from a staunch “non crafter” to co-founder of a future multi million pound crafting empire in less time that it takes to crochet a rug. This inevitably means I have done a lot of patching in the past twelve months. I love it – I do it for fun and for Devonpatch demonstration but not in any world had I ever imagined I would take it any further.

Tis an alien thought: Me up-cycling random things, patching them and selling the individual creations?! To real people?! Who actually want to buy them?!!!

To many of you this may seem like an obvious step forward, and indeed in my imagination it all looked like a splendid idea. Myself armed with excellent up cycled goods, amazingly displayed to entice customers; the details became hazy when actually visualising the venue for this but that didn’t matter, I wasn’t actually going to do it… ever.

Which was fine, except the universe had other ideas. Do you ever have moments in your life when you feel you have been picked up and put down again exactly where you are supposed to be or steered in the right direction by an unseen force? It’s reassuring and sometimes amazing and it happened to me a few months ago.

I had offered (magnanimously) to take a colleagues jacket into Teignmouth for dry cleaning, had no idea where, Google Teignmouth Dry cleaners, it came up 19 Station Rd in the town, so off I went (nothing spectacular there).

Expecting to find a dingy uninspiring dry cleaners I walked past no.19 several times before I realised that was the place I was heading. “The Bloody Chic Of It” – named so brilliantly it made me smile to myself as I stool there alone in the street peering through the glass at the cornucopia of shabby chic/retro/vintage and down right random goods that lay within. Interesting I thought!

I step across the threshold, my eyes everywhere as I struggled to take in my inspiring surroundings; things all over the place, the child in me wanted to reach out and touch surfaces, fabric, unidentified fascinating things. I controlled myself; and looked for an appropriate human to assist me!

I found Jayden, he is the shop owner frenetic & utterly fab! There is no other description for this creative, energetic individual who I warmed to immediately. Despite the fact I was still carrying a large jacket like a Devon flag and sporting a confused expression, he was open and happy to talk about the shop and its contents. Now at this point it is worth mentioning that it is not in my nature to be a sales person but in the pursuit of Devonpatch success I have had to become more forward (and brave) with regard to handing out business cards and “spreading the word”.

The universe had spoken, I was here and in an instant I was talking about Decopatch and Devonpatch and within minutes I had a lovely venue for all things Decopatch and had meet another happy disciple of the up-cycling cause! EPIC! Brilliant! Oh my god, I am actually going to have to do this and bring my work to be seen (and hopefully sold)!! Yikes!!

So that was then, and many angst ridden moments of creative drama (and a couple of months) later, Dani (and her two small minions) & myself pulled up in front of “The Bloody Chic Of It” with a dining table, chairs, a stool, some vases and box sets and cute little buckets – All patched by our own fair hands.

So no turning back now – For someone who never thought they would create anything “crafty” at all it was a pretty big moment. Putting myself out there to be judged? Were the pieces good enough? Would people like them? Would they sell?

I guess I should have more faith/confidence/balls? I haven’t really asked my friend if she feels the same crisis of faith, always stoic and much more experienced in her crafting than I, but we all have our wobbles – and this is mine.

It is a good “scary” feeling :0) I feel quite proud and a bit worried but most of all I feel that it is meant to happen; like DEVONPATCH is meant to happen and that it will be alright.

I hope I haven’t rambled too much today – I will be continuing our Devonpatch journey next time in my usual light hearted and jovial manner. However today’s Blog has been devoted to soothing my insecurities and also (of course) to let you know that our fabulous “Devonpatch” Decopatch creations are now available to view and buy in Station Road, Teignmouth.

Please tell me that other crafters feel like this?

Thanks for reading

Patching – A communal addiction

“Patching: A Communal Addiction”

Oh Joy! I have a “patching” friend…Oh No! I am enjoying a craft and wanting to share it with others…What? When did this happen, have I entered some kind of parallel universe? Where a different “crafty” me exists, complete with a box of brushes and papers – some glue encrusted scissors and a wild eyed expression?
Or could it be that I require “minions” for my future evil world domination plans…..No scrap that, I wouldn’t have time I am far to busy deciding if 207 Leopard print or 555 monotone circles would look best on a chest of drawers……..Any way, I digress…….

Back to last Autumn, I was harbouring a smug sense of pride at getting Dani hooked on Decopatch, rather than the other way round and felt secure in the knowledge that she would never mention cross stitch again…aaahh bliss…It was all nicely under control……..Or so I thought.

It was late November, Dani had offered to cook (and as I have never willingly been known to refuse food) I was strolling nonchalantly through her front door, swinging a bottle of rose and thinking about nothing much.
I knew when I saw her face, that lurking beneath the benign veneer was a PLAN, instantly my palms began to sweat , my eyes sweep the room for signs of wool & some strange loom she wanted me to try knitting on.
Fortunately for my nerves it didn’t take long for her to divulge the plot. She had an idea, it went like this… As we like the Decopatch so much, everyone else will! So lets make a business out of it!! mmmmm…. Did I like the idea? Did I ? I DID! It made me smile with excited glee and bouncing off one another’s enthusiasm the future plans began to unfold around the dinner table. The possibilities were endless, and even though the name came a few weeks later…….That was when the first seed of Devonpatch was planted, and next time I will tell you how it’s growing……

Life is strange, has anybody else ever found themselves doing something they thought they never would in a million years?